Monday, March 22, 2010

I MISS U MOM..WHY DID U LEAVE ME...............

I MISS U MOM ...........................................

 When I have my mother with me, I long for no companion

I dont watch my steps anymore, for an unseen hand shall hold me, if i fall 

I dont cry anymore, for i feel her presence with me ,all the time.

I dont get tensed anylonger, for she sends the solution through some stranger.

I dont crave for love anymore, for i am always surrounded by warmth of her care everytime.

If anyone hurts me or destroys me,they can,but they can never defeat me, for i hav the greatest love with me.

I never thought of a life without her ,but she showed me i can do the impossible.

I am an Atheist. I look at life differently.

My outlook towards life has changed. So has my life.

I plan nothing today and hope for nothing tomorrow.

Her absence taught me a lot of things, which i never wanted to learn.

But I have to drink my cup of tea,whether i like it or no,there is no escape.

After all isnt life a battle well fought,irrespective of the end result?

But ,most of all ,she has given me the manthra to live, "why fear when my mother is near?"

Cant I claim the pride of being her daughter,who lived a pious life n whose essence of life runs in my veins.

I cant see her,so wat, cant i appreciate her presence with me, in me and around me? 

Oh this little girl of yours has always been a fighter,ma.

But little did your little girl know that the one who inspired her to fight the life's battles, would disappear even before she taught her how to fight.


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  2. Warm , loving thoughts of your mother. I'm sure she loves you too.

  3. nice post..
    last few lines were really superb.

  4. very emotional
    nice post

  5. this is simply awesome!!!!
    churns out every single drop of love from your being....

  6. very touchy emotional post