Monday, February 22, 2010

How my mother taught me the essence of life

The reading says u are special

if it were true, then why am i not feeling so?

The child asked its mother, after reading the chapter which spoke of mother's importance

while i am away, u wil understand it dear,said she.

The child smiled innocently, and hugged her,why, i will come away wit that i shall never be away from u..

Its not possible child, said the serene mother.

we received the body God gave us,
we shall leave behind it some day,when we least expect it.

Though we call this body our own, we never get to use it to our will.

We are sent here n taken away from here, tomorrow.
we never know when.

My dearest child,a mother is judged by the child she put forth.

My dear, be a child who wil make his mother proud.

U are my treasure n u are my great things that light up someone elses life more than your own.

May god bless u .


  1. Vibha....this is a wonderful tribute to your mother...she has instilled great values in you and I am sure her soul feels proud to see that you have coped so have become a good human being.

  2. Great one Dr. Vibha!