Monday, March 15, 2010

The path i always wanted to travel

I always wished i was a loner
i hav always wanted to be independant
i hav always wanted my family to be proud of me
i had always wanted my mother to know how sincere i was
i had always wanted to tell her how my anger was only in my words, and not my heart
i had always wanted my life to make me courageous and bold
i had always been expectant n happy wit th way my life takes me
i had never hated anyone n said no to anyone til now


i hav everything i wanted in my life
but never the way i wanted it to be..
When i wished for roses
i was given thorns
when i asked to make me brave
i was given trouble

i am now ,wat i always aspired to be
yet, never the way i wanted it to be happening.

Life is like that.
When ur questions are answered
u would hav forgotten wat ur questions were
when u achieve somethin in life
u would hav lost everythin in life
when u find the meaning of ur very existance
ur existance wouldn matter at all
when ur problems are solved
u wil realise they were no problems at all..

When u realise how blissful u were to be given th gift of life

u would no longer be alive..

By th time u realise life was a drama and that u hav done justice to th role offered to u....

U wil realise, all ur life u hav lived a drama, where the destiny of ur character was decided much before u were born,by hands unseen...

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